Is it a coincidence that two guys from the two best 90’s shows have the very same birthday? Well no, of course it’s not. God works in mysterious ways. So today makes for the most epic OK! Old School ever, where I help you relive the greatest moments of John Stamos on Full House and Matthew Perry on Friends. Happy birthday, guys, and thanks for being born.

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True, I was barely born when Uncle Jesse and Joey attempted to change Michelle’s diaper in the Full House pilot. But this moment seriously never gets old.

And I’ll never forget that house party Jesse accidentally threw with the Beach Boys. Michelle and DJ have never had so much fun, I’m almost positive.

And then remember when  years later, Jesse sang his favorite Beach Boys song to his new wife, Becky? It was amazing. Her wedding dress though, not so much.

And Jesse’s relationship with Michelle was one of the cutest parts of the whole darn show. I need a John Stamos/MKA reunion ASAP.

But of course, let’s not forget Jesse’s now-famous line of “Have Mercy.” Guys hitting on girls hasn’t been the same since 1986.

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As for Chandler? He definitely had some of the show’s best one-liners, even though some of them were kiiinda cheesy. For some reason this one always stands out in my mind as being so beyond clever.

And we can’t forget Chandler’s catchphrase…

Or his victory dance…

Or Chanandler Bong…

Or every scene he had with Janice ever. Hey, we’d fake a trip to Yemen, too.

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What are your favorite moments from Full House and Friends? What are your birthday wishes for John and Matthew? Leave them in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine!

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