Taylor Swift and Ellen DeGeneres have a longstanding celebrity friendship that results Taylor swinging by The Ellen Show regularly for adorable appearances. Remember Taylor chatting with Sophia Grace Brownlee, or singing with Zac Efron? But it all had to start somewhere…


Taylor first came by the show on the day of the first Grammy Awards for which she was nominated, back in 2008. Is it crazy to anyone else that Taylor has been grabbing major awards for nearly six years now? “I’m not really that calm,” confesses a very hyper Taylor. She also discusses attending the famous Clive Davis party the night before, and being seated at a table with Ashlee Simpson and David Spade. My, how things have changed since then!

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Also, do you ever wonder when that vision of Taylor Swift as a somewhat crazy ex-girlfriend began? In this video, she discusses how she loves driving past the houses of her ex-boyfriends. And this was way before John Mayer, Harry Styles, or Jake Gyllenhaal came along!

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