These days, you usually find exciting new songs via a recommendation from a friend (a friend like, or MTV’s morning rotation, or Twitter). But there was a time when you would find your favorite, favorite, favorite new song by listening to entire albums and picking out a gem.

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Let’s just appreciate for a moment how fun it was to locate a great song that was never released as a single, buried deep down on a track listing. You’d feel like a secret genius! Here are the songs that editors discovered many moons ago (or in the case of Leighton Meester and One Direction, circa 2010). If this were 1977, they’d be called B-sides. Since it’s 2013, they’re called wildly underrated awesome sauce. Or, you know, whatever you’d like to call them. Enjoy!

What’s your favorite underrated pop song? How do you think they choose which songs to release as singles? Did we put any of your faves on this list? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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