You couldn’t miss it. It was the focal point of the entire room. Over 30 magical sets of eyes (you’ll get the pun later) are pretty hard to just glance over, especially when they’re taped into a not-so-artsy, slightly odd collage against a blinding lime green wall right there next to sports plaques and a Hello Kitty calendar. Mom and Dad, why did you OK that hideous color?

I feel like the massive amount of cut-out magazine pictures would have been cuter if it was a bunch of puppies or maybe like, baby calves running to their moms in a field. Then at least people could classify my 12-year-old self as an animal lover verses being overwhelmingly boy crazy.

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But I’ll get to it—It was a shrine of Daniel Radcliffe and there’s no other way to put it. In honor of his 24th birthday, I’ve decided to tell you about it.


Not even Dobby would be this in love with the boy who lived. Yes, my childhood crush was the star of Harry Potter, and for some reason, I chose to express my love and affection for the actor by posting pictures of him in one central location. I think my crush started because he was a total cutie who wore glasses, and I felt really bad for his character. He had to sleep in a closet and didn’t even have a super cool comforter. I was also convinced we were going to get married. Sure, he had no idea who I was, but we both had brown hair, we both are cancers, and my name sounds super British. What of it?

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Splash News
Splash News

I spilled my heart out to him in a four-page handwritten letter explaining my interests and hobbies, what I thought about Harry Potter, and why we would be the most wonderful couple ever. I got an autographed picture back and framed it. No joke.

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The pictures came off the wall as the crush ended and all that is left of this experience is a few questions that I can’t seem to answer. I’ve left them for you below.

1. Why wasn’t I crushing on Cedric Diggory, aka Robert Pattinson?

2. How many other girls have that same autographed picture?

3. Did anyone else have a shrine on their wall?

4. Did I write in bubble letters? Please tell me no.

5. What’s that Harry Potter love spell again?

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