Today, Rihanna throws up cash and dances around with vintage designer jewelry à la “Pour It Up,” but in 1997, the music video scene was all about sunflowers and rollerblading with the boys of Hanson—at least if you were born of the era of Hanson trio obsession.


Yeah, sorry. No wrecking balls or quirky-cool T-Swift romantic film segments to be found. Not all of us were feelin’ “22” in ’97.

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Since today is Zac Hanson’s birthday, we got to thinking about one of their greatest hits. And if you are an ultra-fan of the brothers’ band, you know that they sometimes perform this catchy, make-ya-feel-so-good song on their tour. Mmm, yeah. It’s “MMMBop,” and it’s a childhood favorite that never, ever gets old.

So of course, we Youtubed the music video, watched it in its entirety, and thought about how much has changed. Yes, if “MMMBop” came out today, not only the graphics would be upgraded.

  • For one, Issac would probably be hitting the keys of a baby grand rather than an of-the-moment keyboard. In 13 Going on 30, Mark Ruffalo’s character Matt Flamhaff ran over and grabbed his casio, but that’s just not going to fly today.
  •  Remember when the three bros slid into a cab? That cab would be an energy-efficient SUV, and they wouldn’t be paying with cash. That taxi would have a credit card slot, and their parents’ bank would get the notice.
  • The whole swinging on the bars scene in the bus? Yeah, they’re kids and that would probably still happen, but the bus driver would have freaked out.
  • Oh, the 90s! The era of fashion MAY be in (yes, Miley, we’ve noticed your constant crop top awareness) but today, the three bros would be rockin’ tailored pants and tighter tees. Think the Biebs or perhaps Austin Mahone.
  • That graphic flower backdrop, hippie-ish situation would just not be. Since 97, we’ve experienced the animation that is Avatar, Harry Potter‘s Dobby, and most recently, Gravity.
  • They play around with a payphone. They’d be texting on their iPhone 5s’.
  • Rollerblades? No. Skateboards? Maybe.
  • Issac drives a yellow convertible. That boy would have himself a Range Rover like Kylie Jenner.

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So that’s our thoughts on what would have changed slightly. What do you think? Tweet @OKMagazine and leave a comment below.

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