It's a good, Good Friday indeed since today is that day that The Host finally hits theaters. The film is based on the book of the same name written by Stephenie Meyer (remember her from Twilight?) and is about a girl who protects her family (and boyfriend, of course) against this enemy that tries to get into humans' bodies and steal their souls and memories. Yeah, sounds intense, right?

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Anyway, read below for our OK! or OMG?! movie review to see if The Host is worth your $12 bucks this weekend, and check out tons of steamy kissing pics from the movie, too, of the three main stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel. By the way, that's one of the reasons you should see it…

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This movie takes place in the future, and one of the coolest parts of the film was seeing what may or may not happen 50,100, 200 years from now. The gadgets were hi-tech, the cars were super swanky and the clothes were, well, different. Here's Diane Kruger who plays The Seeker in the film, who's a perfect example of the futuristic look:

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The plot is also pretty different from other films. It's definitely got that Twilight vibe considering it's about, ya know, things that would never happen in real life and the fact that there's tons of romance in it, but the whole thing about an unknown object getting into your body and trying to steal your memories is just creepy, but cool too.

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Saoirse, who was literally amazing in the film, plays two different parts. One is Melanie, a normal human who's in love with Max Irons' character, Jared, and the other is Wanda, who's the non-human version of Melanie who was taken over by the unknown species. Oh yeah, and Wanda is in love with Jake Abel's character, Ian. Welcome to the love square, people.

But can we take a sec to talk more about these hot dudes? Max made a PERFECT Jared, and the kissing scenes he did in the film made us melt. So. Sexy. 

As for Jake? He's pretty darn cute too, and we definitely didn't mind watching him and Saoirse go at it, either. Look:

OK! or OMG?!: Ya know what, we're gonna have to give this one a "just OK." Obviously the hot guys were a big win and the acting was pretty decent, but overall, the movie was not quite what we were expecting. But there's LOTS of this, so yeah…

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The Host is out in theaters now! Are you going to see it? Are you a fan of Jake's or Max's? Tweet us @OKMagazine and tell us your thoughts on the film!

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