We are here to clear up a few questions you might have as you watched the trailer for Tyler Perry's new film, Temptation. 1. Yes, that is Kim Kardashian in the movie. She plays a marriage counselor. Coincidence? We think not.

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And 2. Most importantly, YES, the main chick in this film was on a bunch of episodes of Full House! The first time we saw the film's preview we were like…..where is that girl from? Then it came to us.  Jurnee Spollett-Bell played Michelle Tanner's friend Denise. Do you see it now?

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We confirmed this huge revelation by visiting her IMDB page and also by watching Watch What Happens Live last week, where Andy's guest Jurnee confirmed this groundbreaking news. Nope. We're not over it either.

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And if you're wondering what Denise has been up to since her Mary-Kate and Ashley days, the answer is not so much. She's had a few guest spots on a few TV shows over the years, but Temptation is her first starring role in a loooong time.

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