Going on a island vacay to escape January’s whirlwind of a weather cycle? The getaway (and all those paradisal walks along the crystal blue shoreline) could just help bump your workout routine to the next calorie-burning level. OK!’s Bangin’ Bods celeb trainer Jay Cardiello says that exercising on an unstable surface (like sand) intensifies training, which in turn helps burn more calories, as well as develops the loop between your body’s control center (the brain!) and your muscles.

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Jay says these types of workouts fall under the umbrella of “proprioception training.”

“Sand is great. You’re going to burn more calories than walking on a flat surface. Plus, you’re going to work on stability, balance, and joint range of motion. Walking on sand forces the body to work harder. When the body works harder, it intensifies. When it intensifies, you get a greater caloric expenditure working out and post workout,” explains Jay.

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Jay actually says that the normal motions of life are done on unstable surfaces, but we tend to do lean towards flat surfaces when it comes to working out.

“Stepping on and off a curb, stepping onto a train, or if you’re hailing a taxi—everything we do is in an unbalanced settling,” explains Jay.

Who knew that relaxing beach walk was really working your bod?!

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