Paris Hilton might just have a feeling of deja vu today.



The heiress has lost a camera packed with private images of her visit to Australia, and apparently people are already trying to sell them to the highest bidder. Let’s hope for her sake there’s nothing racy on there, or she could find herself back in a very familiar situation!


Ozzie newspaper The Herald Sun says that Paris lost the camera in a nightclub (where else?) in Sydney on New Year’s Eve. "She lost it in the chaos. It must have fallen out of her bag," said Karen Griffin, a publicist for the party Paris was at. "She is disappointed as it has her personal photos of her visit on it.

"They are happy snaps and there are also some pictures from her trip to the snow before she came to Australia," she added.

Unfortunately for Paris, since her sex video, taped by ex-Rick Solomon, made millions, everybody seems to know that her private pics are worth a buck or two.

An Australian photo agency says that it has received calls from someone claiming to have to camera. "We told them they could be worth thousands, but nothing eventuated," an agency source told the Herald Sun. "We have not seen the camera and we have not seen the images."

It seems like Paris was a little absent minded during her jaunt Down Under, because she lost her cell phone (again!) as well. "That was left behind at the hotel in Sydney, but it was found and sent up to her on the Gold Coast," said the party rep.

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