I’ve always been someone who’s visually stimulated. I don’t know what to eat but see something appetizing pass me in a restaurant and that’s what I’ll have. I see a jogger in the street and I can’t wait to get out and run. I’ve recently realized this desire for instant gratification after visual stimulation extends to bigger things than what I want to eat. After spending a recent weekend in Nashville I came back shopping for an acoustic guitar (and lessons) with ambitions to write and sell songs. After spending a few days at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, I’ve decided being a Senator someday sounds nice, or maybe a delegate. It sounds crazy and elicited a few laughs from my family – who seem to have forgotten they raised me telling me  ‘You can do anything you want to do hunny,’ but now we have a candidate for vice president of the United States who was only began her first foray into the politial arena, on a city council in an Alaska, when she was a few years younger than me. So, I’m just sayin’…You never know. I’m going to the US Open in a few days and will probably want to quit it all and be a professional tennis player – or just get married and play tennis all day 😉

In the meantime… My current career at OK! remains revolved around celebrity and I met one or two this week that were inspiring. After she finished chatting with Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba I had a chance to speak to Rosario Dawson for a bit at a party hosted by Vota Latina. I used to think she was soooo lucky to be dating her ex-boyfriend, Sex in the City’s Absolut Hunk Jason Lewis, but now I see it may have been the opposite, because she’s quite amazing. Unlike talking heads for a cause Rosario is one of the most sincere and driven celebrities I’ve had the pleasure of a conversation. Rather than preaching to vote for one candidate or the other (although she did tell me if a movie was being cast of a model First Family the Obamas could be it) Rosario is also attending the Republican National Convention next week to continue to spread the word to get out and vote – for whichever candidate fits your fancy.

Other celebrities who haven’t been as quiet about their allegiances in the past kept mysteriously mum at the DNC. Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck hosted and/or attended a fair share of public events in Denver for Barack’s four-day party, but both refused to speak about him specifically – even when asked on camera for an endorsement, or just a comment. I get trying to play down Barack’s whole celebrity factor to an extent, but isn’t that like attending someone’s Sweet 16 and not saying a few nice things about the girl of honor when the camcorder’s thrown in your face asking you to do so?

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