An American Idol executive producer has told OK! it was Paula Abdul’s fault that her stalker was allowed to audition for the show.


Ken Warwick said that Paula hadn’t told anyone who had "enough clout" that she didn’t want the obsessed woman to audition.


Ken said that, in spite of Paula’s claims that "everyone knew" that she didn’t want  Paula Goodspeed — who committed suicide outside of Abdul’s home last month — to try out, he was completely unaware of the situation.


Last week the Straight Up singer had claimed that she warned producers that she was "terribly nervous" about Goodspeed — who had been stalking her for 17 years — being allowed to perform for her.


On Barbara Walters’ radio show last week Paula said that, before Goodspeed was brought into the room during the taping of season five she had said, "this woman’s a stalker – do not let her in.


"Everyone knew [about my fears] – I was shaking.”
But today Ken said, "I was in the room, and I can absolutely put my hand on my heart and say, I didn’t [know] — that’s the truth," he told OK!.

"If I thought anyone was dangerous, for any reason, I would not let them in.

"Now, she may have mentioned it maybe to security men, she may have mentioned it another junior producer — I’m not sure," he said.

"So the fact is, she may have mentioned it to somebody, she certainly didn’t mention it to me, she certainly didn’t mention it to someone who had the clout to say, ‘OK, we don’t let that person in,’" said Ken.


He also denied the ongoing rumors that the producers want to get rid of Abdul as a judge.


"There’s never, ever been any discussion that we would want to get rid of Paula," he said.


"Her job is not in any jeopardy."


By Oliver Coleman


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