Valentine’s Day is extra special for Rob Thomas because it doubles as his birthday.

The singer, who has been married to Marisol since 1999, turns 38 on Cupid’s big day. He seems to have a sixth sense for sleuthing out lasting love.

What is it like having a Valentine’s birthday?

“I’m glad,” he tells me. “I’m glad it gets lost. I want it to stay lost.”

He fondly remembers their best Valentine’s Day ever when his band Matchbox Twenty played Madison Square Garden.

“I brought out a ginormous cake onstage to the Garden when he played,” Marisol tells me.

He adds, “That was nice.”

For Rob and Marisol, it was practically love at first sight.

“He told me he was going to marry me after our first date,” she says.

He adds, “I proposed after two months. I mean, I was right, so whatever it is, I was right.”

How did she feel that about their relationship moving so quickly?

“It was weird because before him I was a serial monogamist, and I was afraid of any commitment,” Marisol says. “He was the first person I didn’t want to run from. We both were like ‘oh, this is trouble.’ And ten years later, we can see he was right.”

The lovebirds make it special by holding fast to their unique customs.

Rob says, “Over the past ten years, we set up our own traditions. We follow them wholeheartedly. We have Greek food at Christmas. Christmas cheese – that’s Greek food.”

They also feel the same about their favorite wintertime activities.

“We’re not outdoorsy,” Marisol tells me. “We go to Sundance, and we watch people ski and we have hot toddies.”

Rob laughs, “Our favorite winter pastime is watching people ski. Love it. I would like to say ice skating, but we’ve never been ice skating.”

What’s their secret to a happy marriage?

“Don’t do it because it’s the next step – that you have to get married,” Marisol says. “If it’s someone who’s your best friend, who you were going to be with anyway, go ahead and do it. We knew we’d be right here today if we hadn’t gotten married.”

Rob adds, “If we weren’t together, we wouldn’t be married.”

Here’s my pic with Rob:


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