Shaken Rosie O’Donnell says her adopted daughter Chelsea is “very mentally ill” after the teen was found safe. Photos and video show the latest details in the shocking series of events. Read More

Whatever it takes! Rob Kardashian is so over his heavier weight, and is considering gastric bypass surgery.  Read More

Kathie Lee Gifford was blindsided after her late husband’s former mistress spoke out. She’s busy remembering the life of Frank, but there are probably some things about him she’d rather forget. Read More

Jennifer Garner isn’t the only one upset over Ben Affleck’s relationship with sexy nanny Christina Ouzounian. Her ex-fiance is broken-hearted about her alleged relationship with Ben. Read More

Sharon Osbourne’s extreme spending sprees has the family worried it’s an addiction. Sources tell Star that Ozzy can’t curb his wife’s shopping addiction. Read More

Nick Jonas responds to Selena Gomez dating rumors. Is he dating her, just a month after breaking up with his girlfriend? Read More

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