We don't want to say farewell to The Office. Not even a little bit. After a nine series run, the series is finally coming to an end. It's hard to imagine life without a little Jim and Pam romance or mischief from Dwight. The jokes we took away from Michael Scott are also countless—c'mon the guy is hilarious. Thank God for reruns, right? It's either that or memorizing quotes from the show, which we wouldn't necessarily be against. 

But guess what? You're not the only one who is getting a little nostalgic about the ending of The Office. The celebs starring in that show are getting that way, too! How do we know? Well, their Twitter pages could give it away. Here are some of The  Office celebs chatting about the series finale. It's the least we could do before the series finale kicks off. 

       Angela Kinsey        posted a pic of Schrute Farms to her Twitter Account yesterday. That place has become such a huge part of our lives! We talk about beets more than we ever have before, and not just because we're putting them in our salads!
Jenna Fischer reminisced by posting this link to an interview she did in 2008. Pam's character has grown and changed so much since we first met her in Scranton. Remember when she was engaged to Roy and totally crushin' on Jim in the meantime? 

Even Kevin got in on the goodbye action. The celeb who played the famous accountant thanked Subway for giving The Office a nod. We've watched Kevin go through a lot, too. He had like two bands, ended his engagement with Stacey, and had to deal with that whole Todd Packer cupcake incident. 

John Krasinski is a toughie to imagine not playing Jim. The guy has only been every gal's office-dream at one time or another. Your performance on this show has been overwhelmingly good, John!

OK! News: Watch the Cast of The Office Give a Tearful Goodbye


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