Lady Gaga revealed the cover art of her upcoming album ARTPOP on a Billboard in Times Square earlier today, because hello, she’s Lady Gaga. Go big or go home. And now the official reveal has hit Twitter, too. And here it is, #LittleMonsters. Brace yourselves:


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The cover was a collaborative effort between Gaga and an NYC-based sculptor Jeff Koo,s who she’s been tweeting about all day, but what really matters here is that on the cover Lady Gaga is naked, cupping her breasts and spreading her legs and giving birth to what looks like a disco ball. Only Gaga, guys. Only Gaga.

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ARTPOP, which includes the lead single “Applause,” comes out November 11, so let the countdown begin! What do you think of the cover art? Too cool or too far? Tweet us @OKMagazine.

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