Star Jones may have left The View on bad terms, but one person who still has her back on the chatfest is her successor, Sherri Shepherd.

Days after Star’s divorce from her husband Al Reynolds became public, Sherri is sending nothing but her best to the 46-year-old.

“She is just a regular woman who hurts,” Sherri tells OK!. “This is a man that she loves, so it’s hard when you become one and you tear it apart. She’s in my prayers, and I wish her the best… She’s got that sister strength, and I think she’s going to come out even stronger.”

Sherri, 41, could definitely relate to Star’s heartbreak – she and her comedian husband Jeff Tarpley split last year.

While Star may have Sherri’s support, she’s getting less love these days from Barbara Walters. In her new memoir, Audition, the news legend holds nothing back about the rift between Star and the View‘s ladies.

One juicy tidbit?

Babs says the girls were uncomfortable about hiding Star’s gastric bypass surgery. “Joy [Behar], in particular, resented having to go along with a lie that implied all one needed to do was sit-ups and ingest one cookie instead of two.”

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