TV Fanatic and OK!’s Joyce Eng break down your fave shows of the night: American Idol and Lipstick Jungle!

American Idol: “The next time someone says the lack of previous screen time DOESN’T do a contestant in during the early rounds, I’m going to remind them of this episode. The first girl to go is Alexandrea Lushington, who’s standing with Amanda Overmyer. She’s visibly upset, but it’s more because her great-grandma didn’t get to make it to Hollywood to see her perform. And why was David Archuleta so emotional over her exit — Alexandrea ran over and hugged him after her last note. Is there a little romance/crush brewing between these two teens? Alaina Whitaker is the second gal of the night to go. (Much to the shock of Kady Malloy, who seemed convinced she was the one on the chopping block.) Alaina bursts out into tears, saying, “I can’t sing.” Ryan gets all fatherly, assuring her that she’s already accomplished so much and someone has to go home every week (especially when you’re just 17! You still got mad dues to pay, chica!). Mama Whitaker looks like she’s going to personally find and cut anyone who did not vote for her baby. Ryan gives Alaina the choice not to perform, but her former castmates gather around to help her. As Alaina finds her voice, she breaks from the pack. Yeah, she was like, “Gals, if this is going to be my last moment on this stage, you need to back up off me, yo.’” On the boys’ side, Jason Yeager and Robbie Carrico are sent packing. (Guess America just didn’t want him up hair, ha ha!) Seems like they both suffered from a lack of screen time too.” — TV Fanatic

Lipstick Jungle: “So let me get this straight. When there’s a plot about an Indian movie in a show, you need to get an Indian guy to direct the episode? Because that’s what LJ did. Coincidence? I think not! Hoping to bust out with the next Little Miss Sunshine, Wendy’s putting her all into Bombay Highway, her passion project starring what appears to be the vapid lovechild of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton — Chloe Jameson. After an unnecessary sex scene on top of her washing machine (really, what was the point of that? To try to make Brooke Shields turn us on? Because that didn’t work), Wendy decides to push forward with an extravagant premiere to get her project some major buzz. Yeah, because a big red carpet premiere is really the key to box-office and critical success for all films! Feeling generous, she enlists the still-struggling (what’s new?) Victory to design Chloe’s dress. But the whole thing blows up in their faces when Wendy turns all tyrannical on Vic and floozy Chloe gets boozy after getting dumped by her boyfriend the day of the premiere. Wendy wants her to nix the red carpet, much to Vic’s chagrin because no one would see her frock. As they argue, Chloe rams the limo into the taxi and gets arrested, but all is well when she greets a throng of reporters outside the station in that original Victory Ford number! Part of W & V’s argument stems from Nico’s affair — yes, she finally told them. Vic feels her opinion is invalidated because she’s single. Cry me a river. Bonfire’s legal department drafts a rebuttal for Nico to sign, claiming Kirby to be a sexual predator who attacked her in the bathroom at the Web launch party. After much deliberation, and a lunch with hubby Charles during which his grad student tells her how lucky she is to be married to him, Nico signs the papers that would more or less destroy Kirby’s life. Not so fast. Nemesis Mike Harness implies he knows something about her affair, prompting her to confront Kirby at his bar job, where she downs whiskey and berates him for listening to Mike instead of her. Apparently it was effective. He drops the charges, and they end up walking hand-in-hand together. Makes sense, no? What wasted drama. Why even bother with the lawsuit storyline if they were just going to throw it out an episode later? To keep us on our toes? Why start now? In case you’re wondering, Nico doesn’t feel guilty about Kirby anymore because — although not yet literally said — Charles is so obviously having his own affair with said grad student. How convenient! And because Nico has no morals, she can go back to Kirby! I mean, wouldn’t you do the same? — Joyce

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