When Entertainment Tonight met up with Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo, football wasn’t the top story on their mind — not when everybody really wanted to know about the night he allegedly spent partying with Britney Spears.

His response to ET about a rumored romance with the pop princess? “Nah, I was tellin’ the guys yesterday, I think [it]
sometimes goes with this position. Being the quarterback for this…
you’re at the same place with someone else and people just run with it

The superstar quarterback, 27, continued, “It’s happened a few times now, two or three times where people
just say, ‘You’re dating whoever.’ Jessica Simpson last year, ya know?
So it’s just the position I guess, in some ways. And you just learn that
and shake your head every once in awhile and you move on.”

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was quick to offer another explanation for all these rumored romances: “Tony, I’ll tell ya this, sometimes they can smell fresh cash.”

For more with Tony, check out ET tonight.



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