Thieves broke into R&B singer Usher Raymond‘s car and stole more than a $1 million worth of jewelry, clothes and electronics.

Usher and a second man told Atlanta police that their vehicle was broken into on Dec. 14 when the pair stopped at an AT&T store near Lenox Mall, reports Fox 5 in Atlanta.

According to the police report, Usher’s vehicle was described as a black GMC Yukon.

Usher said the car contained $1 million of jewelry plus $50,000 in furs and clothing.

A witness told police they saw a man get out of a burgundy Chevy Impala with tinted windows and pop open the door to the SUV, making off with the goods.

A source also told Fox 5 that the “My Way” singer was particularly upset about two laptops that were stolen because they contained new songs that he’s been working on.

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