For years, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been accused of being scary skinny on purpose, but it turns out she’s not even into the thin look!

A source told OK! that the British beauty is actually concerned about her weight, and there’s one body part in particular that’s causing her anxiety — her clavicle, of all things!

While many women find it sexy for their clavicle to show while wearing low cut shirts, Victoria is not a fan, and the insider revealed, “Vic hates how the older she gets, the more her bones jut out over her chest.” And we know how much she cares about her chest, after the fashion designer underwent a number of breast augmentation procedures, which reportedly began in 2009. She has since had her implants removed.

But if it isn’t one thing, it’s another, as now she is unhappy with her collarbone. “She’s tried everything from custom-designed fitness routines to a special diet that boost that part of her body, but nothing works,” added the source.

And what’s even more irritating for Victoria is the fact that as a designer, she wants to explore her options, but can’t because of her scary bones showing in certain outfits!

“The worst part is that Vic’s a real girlie-girl. She loves showing off her chest in a classy way. But she’s gotten a real hang-up over the fact she looks so skeletal,” said the insider.

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