Josh Turner could not have picked a better title for his latest album, the aptly titled Everything Is Fine. Just shy of his 30th birthday, Josh is already one of the youngest inductees to the legendary Grand Ole Opry, he’s got a lovely wife Jennifer whom he met while at Belmont University and an adorable 1-year-old son — and he’s about to embark on a 95-date tour.

Ever the pro, Josh doesn’t get discouraged by this busy schedule. “It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and to know that I do this for a living,” he explains to OK!. The best part of the singer’s job? “Being able to see this great country we live in, being able to play my music for a lot of people, night after night, hearing their reaction and hearing them sing back to me.”

While Josh, who penned seven of Everything Is Fine‘s 12 tracks, can’t single out one tune as his favorite, he tells OK! that “Soul Mate” — co-written by John Anderson — is particularly meaningful. “It’s probably the best love song I have written thus far,” admits Josh. “It’s about our wives.”

And that theme of a loving and supportive family has been with the singer since a young age. “My parents were the ones who pushed me to go to certain events or certain functions that I didn’t want to do,” Josh explains. “They helped motivate me.”

As for his own son, Hampton Otis, the one-year-old is already showing his musical inclinations. “He recognizes my voice and loves music,” Josh says. “My wife and I both sing to him a lot and he is a music lover and it soothes him.”

At the end of the day, Josh loves spending time at home just south of Nashville with his family and their bloodhound, Moses. But for the time being, this family will have to spend that time on the tour bus.

By Alisandra Puliti

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