Former First Daughter Malia Obama life in and out of the White House has been a character arc worthy of a movie production. That’s fitting, given her passion for entertainment—what with all those New York and Hollywood internships she secured while in the White House and since leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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What is it like to be the president’s daughter and to have your father announce his candidacy when you are still in single digits, move into the White House at 10, attend elementary school, middle school and then graduate high school all during your father’s tenure as President of the Untied States?

And then what? What does a First Daughter do when the spotlight is not as intense, but clearly remains fierce as your every move is still chronicled?

Malia has grown up quite well, thank you, and has managed to have a pretty normal childhood. Sure, there are a few moments that made headlines. For any other teenager, they would be a normal rite of passage. But when the world knows who you are and social media can publicize your every move, for a First Daughter… that is a wee bit different.

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All these questions and much more are answered as we delve in and answer the 35 most pressing questions that follow Malia Obama life in and out of the White House.

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