Is Jill Duggar pregnant? Her sisters Jessa and Joy-Anna are both expecting, as are her sisters-in-law Anna and Kendra. Even her cousin Amy is pregnant! With all the baby news, fans think Jill might be next — and Anna’s latest Instagram post only fueled the speculation!

On Thursday, May 3, Anna, 30, shared a photo of herself, Joy, 21, and Jill, 27, pregnant together. She said it was a “throwback” pic, but some fans missed the memo! A fan later commented on Jill’s page, “Have you found out what sex new baby is? Curious, of course! You have such a happy, beautiful family. Continued blessings from GOD!”

Fans were quick to step in and clear up the confusion that Anna’s photo was an old one. Still, they aren’t 100% sure Jill is out of the clear just yet. Some followers think the wording of Anna’s Instagram post suggests another Duggar baby announcement is on the way!

Scroll below to see Anna’s post and to find out why fans think Jill could be pregnant. And for the latest Duggar news, be sure to listen to our Dishin’ on the Duggars podcast below.

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