Following Sasha Obama’s life in and out of the White House has been quite the journey. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the daughter of a president and ex-president?

Here are 29 questions about the youngest Obama whose answers provide priceless insight into what it is like to arrive in the White House at an early age and leave as a teenager—as if being a teen isn’t hard enough without the whole world watching!

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She has grown up in front of our eyes, and as can be seen in this wide-ranging list, Sasha’s life in and out of the White House has been a thrilling experience. It has been filled with musical likes that other fans would drool over, celebrity crushes that she was actually able to meet, and yes… chores. Even a president’s daughter has to clean her room, set and clean up the table and take out the dog for a walk.

This look at Sasha’s life goes way back, from a health scare as a baby that almost claimed her life to discovering who the BFF is that keenly knows exactly how life in a fish bowl can be for a kid growing up with the world watching.

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