Brunettes and blondes are last year’s news. Hollywood’s leading ladies are now grabbing attention as beautiful redheads. Blame it on the ditzy blonde stereotypes. Blondes might have more fun, brunettes might remember it the next day, but redheads have more success. Women with the fire engine hue are seen as sexy, independent, intelligent, and sometimes even quirky. These beautiful women definitely have a wider range than the stereotypical blonde.

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When it comes to having a career in Hollywood, many actresses are catching on to the perks of being a redhead. There are so many faux gingers in Hollywood that it’s hard to figure out who’s born with it and who’s faking it. Sure, there are a few natural redheads who have swapped their fiery locks for blonde or brunette. Yet, they always seem to go back to their original shade. Once you go red, you never go back.

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Read on to see if your favorite celebrity redhead is natural or gets a little help.



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