Amber Portwood and Matt Baier weren’t afraid to expose each other’s dark secrets on camera!

In a clip for Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition, the Teen Mom OG star blasted her ex-fiance and was hoping for the truth to finally come out. “I hope if we do a lie detector test, you’ll be embarrassed,” Amber told her ex, who fired back, “I’ve already taken a lie detector test, remember?!”

Amber told him, “It’s really your lying that triggers me to go f*****g crazy.” She even called him a “childish person” and claimed that he tried to label her as the “liar.”

“I would like my exes to come out and say ‘Amber has never put a hand on me, never fought like that’,” she started to say before he interrupted her asking, “Are you saying you never put your hands on me?”

Amber yelled at him, “You will not say, ‘Yes, I did hit her!'” Matt replied back, “Yes, I did hit her,” which left Amber in complete shock. She replied, “Oh my god.”

Watch the clip above! Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition airs Friday nights at 9pm ET, only on WE TV! 

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