It was an emotional night for the moms!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were getting ready to see their first daughter, Carly, whom they placed for adoption when they were just teenagers for the first time in two years. “Tomorrow is the big day, two years in the waiting,” Tyler said. “It will be a little harder to say goodbye this time I feel like though. We’ve had the typical ‘oh this is sad to leave,’ but nowhere near I think saying goodbye this time will feel like. Which is going to be like ‘uh, I really hope it doesn’t turn into every other year.’ You know, so it’s a little different.” The cameras weren’t allowed to film the visit, but they showed pictures of their adorable reunion. Following the big day, the after emotions weren’t easy and Cate broke down in tears admitting that it seems like Carly “misses” them.

Maci Bookout isn’t taking any chances. The mother-of-three opened up about her tough situation with her baby daddy, Ryan Edwards, their son, Bentley, and Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry to her friend over the phone. “Did Ryan take the drug test you asked him to take?,” her friend Keelie asked via a phone call. “Never got a text message back, so” Maci said. She continued, “So I’m still not letting Bentley go over there. I’ve done more than I could possibly do.” Keelie explained how the only downside is when Bentley starts to ask questions, but Maci told her that he hasn’t asked about Ryan, but he does want to see his grandparents. However, Bentley isn’t the only one hurting. Maci said, “I know that it’s hurting him and them. And really me too, because it’s like we went from being so close and now it’s like they are not in my life anymore either.” Besides dealing with Ryan drama, she went skydiving with her husband, Taylor McKinney!

Amber Portwood’s new man made his big debut! She introduced her then boyfriend, now baby daddy, to her producers. “So this is Andrew [Glennon],” Amber said as everyone laughed. The two met on the WE TV series, Marriage Boot Camp, when she went on attempting to fix her relationship with her now ex, Matt Baier. “So you guys met on the show, did you guys get to talk on the show?,” David asked the two. “I got to learn a lot about her from the show. It was like the first day of filming I was in the interview room with her, that’s when I learned the most. And that point on, I tried to place myself in the house where you were to hear more because I wanted to know you more ,” Andrew said. Despite her new romance happiness, she was still upset over how her split with Matt played out and the impact it was having on her relationship with her daughter, Leah. She was depressed following the breakup and didn’t want her daughter to see her like that, so she spent some time alone which left Leah’s dad, Gary Shirley, angry.

Farrah Abraham is putting her foot down with her mother, Debra Danielson! The grandmother was set to wed her now husband, David, but her daughter and granddaughter, Sophia, are not fans of him. Despite their rocky relationship, Farrah wanted to make an attempt to fix their broken relationship shortly before their wedding day. Farrah, Debra, and Sophia all went out to eat to work on their relationship and things took a turn for the worse. “We have been working on the wedding,” Debra told her daughter and granddaughter. However, as soon as the wedding was brought up, Sophia was not happy! Farrah pulled her daughter aside to talk to her and Sophia admitted, “I never want to see her again if she gets married to David.”

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