Day 10 of Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial: Blood Stained Photos Shown in Court

Week two of the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial closed out with testimony from the officer in charge of the crime scene, Police Colonel Schoombie van Rensburg. Here’s what you should know today:

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1.) No doubt damaging to the prosecution, van Rensburg described seeing an officer handling the firearm used in the murder without gloves, and detailed reports that a $5000 watch went missing from Pistorius’ Pretoria, South Africa home. Also missing from the home? Pieces of the bathroom door that has been at the center of testimony all week long.

2.) For the first time, photos of Pistorius as he looked that fateful night were shown to the court. In the crime scene photos, Pistorius can be seen shirtless and wearing blood-soaked shorts and socks.

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3.) During his testimony, van Rensburg pointed to an open window on the second floor of Pistorius’ home. A break-in would be unlikely in the secure housing development, so this would suggest a possible cover-up-gone-wrong by Pistorius.

Pistorius is accused of killing his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day 2013, in what he says was an accident—according to Pistorius he thought sounds coming from the bathroom were that of an intruder and fired shots.

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