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Duggar Feud? Jill & Derick May Be At Odds With The Rest Of The Family & Here’s Why

The two are doing their own thing.

Something is up with the Duggar family.


Nearly all of the married Duggars gathered together to congratulate Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo on their recent pregnancy news, except for the Dillards. (Joseph and Kendra, who are also expecting their first child, were also missing)


While Jim Bob and Michelle, Josh and Anna, Jessa and Ben, and even pregnant Joy-Anna and her husband Austin, united to create a congratulatory video for the expectant parents, while Jill and Derick did their own thing.


The twosome decided to send their well-wishes apart from the rest of the family in a separate video, despite living in the same area as the Duggars.


The fact that the couple did a separate video has sparked rumors that the family may still be at odds following Derick’s firing from “Counting On.”


As OK! readers’ know, TLC gave the father-of-two the boot after he went on multiple transphobic Twitter attacks against 17-year-old Jazz Jennings.


Also adding to the feud buzz is the fact that Jill has seemingly strayed away from her family’s conservative rules.


In recent months, Jill’s gotten her nose pierced and even started wearing pants, a big Duggar no-no as the women in the family adhere to a strict dress code of skirts and dresses only.


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