Ryan Gosling Recalls His Youngest Daughter’s 1st Day In NYC & It's Seriously Hilarious

Warning: You'll laugh way harder than you should.

Talk about a New York City welcome!

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday, Ryan Gosling revealed that he brought his (genetically-blessed) family – his longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes, and their daughters Esmeralda, 3, and Amada, 1, – to New York City for his big Saturday Night Live hosting gig, over the weekend. And while the trip was about the famous dad, Ryan admitted it was his youngest daughter Amada who had one of the most memorable moments of their trip.

With it marking the first time Amada’s traveled to the Big Apple, the Blade Runner 2049 star told Jimmy he wanted to create a special memory for her on their first day in the city.

However, things didn’t go quite as he had planned when he brought his little girl to view the NYC skyline.

“I brought her to the window in the morning and I said, ‘Sweetheart, welcome to New York,’” he said. “And two cars went SMASH, and smoke started pouring out of the cars, and these two guys got out and I won’t repeat the hand gestures for you, but I just quickly covered her eyes and ran away from the window.”

“She learned to give the finger in New York. Wow, that’s a very New York experience,” Jimmy laughed.

Ryan repeated: “That’s a very New York experience.”

To hear the actor’s story firsthand, click the video above!

The La La Land star hosted the season 43 premiere of SNL on Saturday.

Following his hosting gig, Ryan and Eva were spotted making a rare public appearance together, as they walked hand-in-hand into a club for the comedy show’s after party.

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