Tia & Tamera Mowry's Cousin Jerome Wiggins Helps Recap Their Season Premiere

Tia & Tamera - Season 3

Here at OK! there’s so much we love about watching Tia & Tamera—the ladies, their kids, their hubbies and, of course, their awesome cousin Jerome Wiggins whose interactions with the girls are simply everything.

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After Sunday night’s season premiere we chatted with Jerome for his take on the new episode and inside scoop on his famous family members. Take it away, Jerome:

Just like the rest of the world I was excited to see the show and I laughed from beginning to end. How do you not love them? They’re hilarious.

I didn’t know about their little v thing (Tia and Tamera visit a spa where the receive a steam in their, ahem, nether region). That was hilarious, they didn’t tell me about that. That kind of caught me off guard right at the beginning of the show.

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Tia & Tamera - Season 2

I totally understood Tamera’s feelings of being kind of left out and overlooked because Tia was doing something different and Tamera was a bit more secluded. It was interesting to me how now it’s totally different. Tamera was more fancy-free and had a little more leeway before and I got to literally watch my cousin go through the beginning stages of motherhood. That was really neat to see.

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One thing that I know is we were raised to love family. We’re very loyal to our family. I know the girls will always be loyal to one another but I really am enjoying seeing them doing different things. Although they have the same face they have different personalities. I’m really excited to see Tamera step out on her own and to see Tia doing what she’s doing. She’s doing great things. I’m enjoying that. I’m happy for them.

I have such a great time with both Cree and Aden. Cree is really funny because he’s kind of feisty and very like, “I got this!” That’s much like Tia. I call Tia Wonder Woman—that’s one of her nicknames. She’s really independent and like, “I can handle this.” And Aden is Tamera so much. She’s very independent as well but Tamera is so bubbly. When you’re around Tamera you can’t help but smile because of her personality. So when you see Aden it’s like, wow, he’s so bubbly and so silly. He loves to laugh. What really made me smile was to see Aden on screen for the first time. That was really cool to see.

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You’ll see me a lot this season but there are some things I was not there for so I’m really interested to see how…first of all I’m shocked that Tia did the burlesque thing. I’m really interested how that’s going to play out and to see Cory’s full-on reaction!

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