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OK! Old School: The Counting Crows With a Pop Culture Twist

So I was a little young to be into these guys during their major hit days. The Counting Crows is a band that was super big when I was still worried about when Barbie and Ken were going to be officially referred to as husband and wife instead of boyfriend and girlfriend. She had about a million wedding dresses, so were these vow renewal ceremonies or what? Also, if you all didn't know, Barbie has a Twitter

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Still, I can admit that I can jam out to a couple of the Counting Crow songs—I have older siblings to thank for that. "Mr. Jones," "Rain King"—I'm a fan of these 90s goods. 

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But today, when I heard about their recently announced summer tour with The Wallflowers, something else popped into my head. And that, my friends, would be Full House. So is everyone really confused now? Yes, I was definitely young when these guys were big, but I am always up on my Full House trivia game. Mary Kate or Ashley (I'm not sure who was who in this episode?) helped me remember. 

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There was one episode where D.J. and Stephanie were super pumped for a Counting Crows concert, but Michelle rained on the parade and said she wanted to be included. And if you remember correctly, she didn't even know the right name of the band—she called 'em the Counting Cars. 

If you're interested in going on their tour, (tickets go on sale through on Friday, April 26th) just try to get their name right. You'll also probably get to hear the new stuff and not just the songs that D.J. and Stephanie were in love with. 

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