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Splash News (2)Splash News (2)
Michelle Williams & Matilda Ledger Enjoy a Lunch Date with Jason Segel in NY...
Michelle Williams and her beau Jason Segel spent the whole weekend together, exploring NYC with her adorable daughter Matilda. Matilda, who is Michelle's only child with the late Heath Ledger, enjoyed a lunch of salad and veggies with …
Getty Images/Courtesy of Twitter
Ke$ha Gets "Suck It" Tattooed Inside Her Lip! So Cool or So Gross?
We all know Ke$ha can get pretty wild when she has one too many sips from "a bottle of Jack," but her new mouth tattoo is definitely taking wild to brand new heights! The pop rock diva debuted her new …
Getty Images
George Clooney Poses in Handcuffs After Arrest Outside Sudanese Embassy