The best episodes of Saturday Night Live are the surprising ones. The ones where the host does something totally unexpected or, ya know, brings all their famous friends along for the ride. Justin Timberlake welcomed all his celebrities pals on the show when he hosted a few weeks ago, so is it so wrong that we hope that Melissa McCarthy, who's back tonight hosting for the second time, does the same thing?!

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Check out the 5 celebs from Melissa's past (and future?) that we hope make a cameo on tonight's show. Starting with…

1. Jason Bateman—Even though Identity Thief may not have been Melissa's or Jason's finest career moment, the two of them together are pure comedy perfection. Maybe they can do a Sandy vs. Sandy skit? And speaking of Sandy…

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2. Sandra Bullock—Melissa and Sandra play police officers in the upcoming movie, The Heat, which is already on our must-watch movie list for the summer. Seriously though, how hilarious are they both in the trailer? Now just imagine them on stage together live on SNL. Nailed it.

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3. Alexis Bledel—If Suki and Rory were ever going to reunite, now is the time, ladies and gents. Aside from the obvious reasons on why this has to happen, Alexis is engaged to Vincent Kartheiser, who is (well, who used to be) on Mad Men, which premieres with the new season one day later on Sunday. It's all coming full circle.

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4. Lauren Graham—But if Rory's going to join the party, we gotta invite Lorelai too, yes? The future fate of Lauren's current show, Parenthood, is up in the air right now, so we think Laur probably has some free time. Which needs to be spent on SNL with Melissa. The end.

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5. Kristen Wiig—We'll be here for years if we told you every single reason Kristen needs to make a cameo tonight, but here's the main one—she worked with Melissa on Bridesmaids, and, duh, she used to be a regular on Saturday Night Live. Maya Rudolph can come too if she feels left out.

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You can check out Melissa on SNL tonight at 11:30pm on NBC! Do you think she'll be a good host? Which famous friend do you hope Melissa brings on stage? Tweet us @OKMagazine!


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