Our jaws are still on the floor after we found out this morning that Heather Morris from Glee is pregnant. We're so happy for Heather and her high school sweetheart boyfriend, but we can't help but wonder—what does this mean for Brittany S. Pearce?

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Since the show's already had quite a few knocked up teen storylines (Quinn had a baby in season 1 and then Rachel had a pregnancy scare just recently), we had a few other ideas of how they can take Heather's news and incorporate it into Britt's life. Here goes nothin'…

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1. Brittany and Santana hook up and Brittany thinks she got her pregnant. Britt's not the brightest of the bunch, so she probably would believe it if she had a pregnancy scare from Santana, not realizing that sperm is a necessary part of the equation. In the end though, Brittany will realize she just ate a big lunch. Of course.

2. Brittany ups the episodes of Fondue for Two with Lord Tubbington and gains weight by eating too much fondue. Hey, fondue is really high in calories, so it can totally happen.

Also, this picture is from an upcoming episode, so who knows. We might be onto something…

3. Brittany sings Britney Spears' song, "My Baby," which the actual Britney Spears wrote and performed while she was pregnant. They've already done like, 18 Britney songs on Glee, so what's one more, ya know? 

4. Glee Does an episode where they look into the immediate future of the seniors. Remember that episode this season where Brittany and Sam pretended to get married? This time they'll do it for real (in the future) and will be happily expecting their first trouty mouth, blonde baby. Hence the baby bump.

5. Marley's body image issues resurface as she starts gaining weight and turning into her mother, so all the other Glee girls get fat too to make her feel better. Come on, this is so happening.

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