Haters to the left.

Each day brings a new story about Justin Bieber's wacky behavior, but I think it's high time that we relax about the status of the Prince of Pop. I think it's easy to forget, since he's been so tightly controlled up until now, that Justin is exhibiting behavior that is completely normal for his age.

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He just turned 19, after all. Think back about where you were when you were 19, okay? You were probably goofing off and enjoying life, which he is, and you probably didn't have the survival of the music industry resting on your underweight shoulders.

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1. So he keeps getting back together with his first love. Do you remember your first heartbreak? It's the worst, and I think it's bittersweet that he and Selena can't stop talking to each other.

2. So he maybe tattooed a pic of Selena on his arm. See the above, only add in everybody out there in the world who's ever gotten an ill-advised tattoo of their lover's name on their body.

3. So he wears a onesie or a Chanel ski mask to be goofy with his friends. When I was in college, we had an adult-sized fuzzy monster costume lying around the dorm that we would dress up in regularly one year. It's a weird time! But it's fun.

4. So marijuana was found on his tour bus, which he wasn't even in. Oh man, a teenage boy in the presence of weed? He must be a deviant.

5. So he likes to be shirtless a lot. If I were a hot teenager being worshipped around the world for my appearance, I'd probably be pretty vain, too.

Can we agree it's time to let up on Justin? Do you think he's going to be okay, or do you think it's more serious? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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