Wow. While fans are still trying to process everything that happened on part one of The Bachelorette finale, we can only imagine what Chris Harrison must have felt re-watching all the drama. The host sat down with to discuss the emotional roller coaster and shock of Brooks leaving. Find out all his thoughts below!

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Chris Harrison and Desiree Hartsock
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As a host there is fine line between giving advice and getting lost in the emotional pull of the contestants. So how did Chris stay cool, calm and collected during the craziness? “It’s tough because I care about Des and I knew for a fact that she was in love with the guy,” he explained. “And I knew he was going to crush her and just devastate her which is what happened.”

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Chris continued by sharing that he is very protective over the women who step into the role of The Bachelorette. “The great thing about my job is I’m not this impartial judge or this cold-hearted being that just floats around. I’m actually there for her,” Chris stated. “When it’s a Bachelorette, I feel like it’s like a little sister or friend and I do feel a little protective.”

Chris Harrison and Desiree Hartsock 3
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With his allegiance to Des, we can only imagine how tough it was for Chris to sit back and hear Brooks announce he wants to leave. “When I knew she was going to be hurt – I don’t know if I was angry, I was just disappointed that it had gotten this far because that had never happened before,” Chris noted. “We’ve had people leave, but not where she’s literally ready to accept a proposal, and so it was devastating.”

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It’s also interesting to see how Chris comforted both Des and Brooks so differently. “With Brooks, in the beginning, he just needed someone to listen and vent to. But I think the first time I sit down with [Des], it’s a lot of just listening and just letting her cry. It was tough,” he added.

Chris Harrison and Desiree Hartsock 2
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Chris gets the best insiders view of the show. But did he see any signs that Des and Brooks weren’t in the same place emotionally? “There were so many signs as you watch back,” he said. “We even showed it [in part one of the finale] where they came up with these bizarre adjectives, but they were really verbs, about describing their love and at the same time she goes, ‘We’re running!’ he’s like, ‘Jogging!’ You could just tell they weren’t in the same place.”

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So what’s next? According to Chris, Des lead the way. “At the end of the day, we’re left up to human behavior and this choice of free will, so if she wants to bolt and she’s done, we’re done,” Chris explained. “You really have to take your hand off the wheel and let Des and the guys essentially lead the way.”

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