Mya, who has delighted Dancing with the Stars fans with her polished performances all season, triumphed again on Monday night as she blew the competition away, scoring 87 out of 90 points on three dances.

The singer’s fellow competitors in the final four were Joanna Krupa, Kelly Osbourne, and Donny Osmond and their task couldn’t have been more difficult, as each celebrity had to perform three times.

But this semi-final round of the show seemed to belong to Mya and her partner, Dmitry Chaplin. Judges gave the couple a 28 for their waltz, a perfect 30 for their salsa, and a 29 for their cha cha cha.

Mya, 30, told OK! after the show, “It’s really been a journey. We’ve had some low points. We’ve had some great moments. A lot of the criticisms have taught us many lessons and has given us an assessment of what not to do and has focused on the entire package of what the judges are looking for.”

While she and Dmitry achieved a ballroom blitz, the singer also said it hasn’t been easy. “This has been the most brutal week,” she said. “We’re all in pain. I got two massages.”

Still, Dmitry admitted it was all worth it on Monday night, saying, “We could not do anything better.”

While their dances were technically brilliant, Dmitry, 27, made sure he gave his female fans a little eye candy by leaving his shirt open! “It’s because the song was all about burning up the floor [and] I thought Mya was really hot,” Dmitry joked.

Mya — who’s featured in OK! in the issue on news stands now — said of Dmitry’s first exposure of the season, “I think he fulfilled the ladies’ requests on the Internet because they’ve been wanting to see his chest for a long time. He’s had sheer shirts but he’s never revealed enough [before].”

Meanwhile, model Joanna Krupa and dancer Derek Hough continued their strong run on DWTS, earning a 27 for their Viennese waltz, a 27 for their cha cha cha, and a 27 for their salsa. Their consistency paid off with a total of 81, good for second place on Monday night. But surprisingly, Joanna, 30, spoke as if she might be eliminated on Tuesday!

“The judges’ responses were so heartwarming and amazing,” Joanna told OK! “It made me feel like, wow, I came a long way from the beginning. I’m just very proud of us. I had an amazing partner.”

She added after her semi-final experience, “I got all teary-eyed. It’s been an amazing journey all these weeks. Whatever happens tomorrow, I’ll leave with my head held high. I have no regrets [except] I wish I could control my nerves a little better.”

Derek, 24, said, “Three dances was a lot [but] we had a pretty good week. We just tried to enjoy it. We feel like week after week we’ve proven she does this amazing stuff. But, whoever is in the final has to do four dances. Four! It’s mind-blowing how much work you’re going to have to do.

“For me, it wasn’t just about making the semi-finals. It wasn’t about what place you take but what dances you did that were memorable. I think she’s accomplished that,” said Derek, who broke boundaries with his futuristic Paso Doble with Joanna last week.

Joanna admitted her fiancé, Miami club owner Romain Zago, is rooting for her to make next week’s finals. “He kind of puts pressure on — ‘Baby, you could win this!’ He’s been an amazing support,” she says, “He’s been here every week he could be.”

Kelly Osbourne and partner Louis Van Amstel, 37, took third place with the judges for the night, getting a 24 for the rumba, 27 for the quickstep, and 27 for their cha cha for a total of 78.

“It was difficult. It was a definite challenge,” Kelly, 25, told OK! of having to do three dances. “It’s part of the marathon and part of what makes the experience so great. You never think you’ll be able to do it, and then when you pull it off, it’s better than you ever thought it would be. You just feel on top of the world.”

Kelly’s mother, Sharon Osbourne, was in the audience again to see her dance, and Kelly said, “My mom has spent the past 25 years of her life trying to get me where I am now, and trying to get me to like myself and trying to get me happy.

“This show has done that. It’s taken a whole big worry off my mom’s shoulders that she doesn’t have to think about but it also makes me feel really guilty for everything that I did put my mom through.

“It was nice and magical for me to do something that makes her happy because it makes me happy to see her happy.”

With another elimination show looming on Tuesday night, the reality show star isn’t looking forward to the end of her DWTS experience: “I think this is going to be a big shock to my system when I stop doing this and I’m going have to find a lot of stuff to fill my days with.”

She’ll certainly miss the show’s famous spray tans! When asked if she’s become addicted to looking tan, normally porcelain skinned Kelly said, “F*** yeah! It makes you look so skinny. I’m never going to stop! I’ve never been this tan in my life.

“I’ve always used the lighter shade but this week I went to the middle shade. I was so excited. I was like, look at me, how skinny! I was standing in front of my mirror posing. I was like, if anyone ever saw me, I’d be so embarrassed!”

While Kelly was happy with her three dances, Donny Osmond was visibly disappointed with his first performance. He and his pro — and OK! bloggerKym Johnson garnered a devastating 21 score for their tango, but improved through the night, receiving a 26 for their samba and a 27 for their third dance, the jitterbug. The total of 74 put them in last place.

“That first one couldn’t have gone worse,” Donny, 51, sighed to OK! about the tango. “Our expectations of the dance were so high because we worked so hard on it.”

But 33-year-old Kym’s dress got ripped during the dance, and Donny admitted he was badly rattled by seeing his sister, Marie Osmond, watching him in the audience. Donny was so aggravated that after the dance, he fell to his knees in front of the judges.

From there, the veteran star candidly admitted the dance was a disaster: “Once it starts to go, like the domino effect, it’s so hard to pull it back in.” But Donny, who has been in show business since he was a kid, showed his can-do spirit by delivering two solid dances after that.

“You pick yourself up,” he said. “You’ve got to not let that get you down and bring out the professionalism.” Luckily, he did, but will it be enough to save him from elimination?

Tune in to DWTS to see who goes home on Tuesday night! The elimination show will also feature an exhibition performance by last season’s third place finishers, Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani.

By Carole Glines

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