If anyone ever had any reason to wonder what exactly Edward Norton thinks of Donald Trump, the 51-year-old actor and filmmaker erased any shadow of a doubt on Friday, November 20, by posting a scathing and lengthy attack of the President on Twitter.

Starting out by noting he is “no political pundit” but citing knowledge gleaned from his federal prosecutor father, as well as “poker players” he’s been able to rub elbows with, Norton initially tweeted a blistering start to his thread by surmising Trump’s current plan of action.

“I do not think Trump is trying to ‘make his base happy‘ or ‘laying the groundwork for his own network’ or that ‘chaos is what he loves,'” he stated. “The core of it is that he knows he’s in deep, multi-dimensional legal jeopardy and this defines his every action.”


Norton went on to tweet that he believes Trump is deliberately attempting to create anxiety and fear in the wake of the 2020 election results by refusing to concede his loss to Joe Biden, with the end goal being he “cut a Nixon-style deal in exchange for finally conceding.”

Norton’s chain of tweets continued with a warning: “We cannot let this mobster bully the USA into a deal to save his ass by threatening our democracy,” he wrote.

“I will allow that he’s also a whiny, sulky, petulant, Grinchy, vindictive little 10-ply-super-soft bitch who no doubt is just throwing a wicked pout fest & trying to give a tiny-hand middle finger to the whole country for pure spite, without a single thought for the dead & dying,” he continued. “But his contemptible, treasonous, seditious assault on the stability of our political compact isn’t about 2024, personal enrichment or anything else other than trying to use chaos & threat to the foundation of the system as leverage to trade for a safe exit.”


Norton concluded with a stern suggestion: “Call. His. Bluff,” he ordered, adding, “We can’t flinch.”

Trump himself currently does not appear to be backing down in terms of transfer of power, having busily been tweeting all Friday morning about alleged voter fraud and contested election results in Michigan and Georgia, among other related topics.

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