We know, we know — everyone’s touching up their own roots while the hair salons are closed for the pandemic. However, Rudy Giuliani may want to rethink hitting the bottle (of dye!)… or at least, not immediately before he’s set to appear live on air.

Giuliani, aka President Donald Trump‘s lead attorney, clearly got hot and bothered during a testy Washington, D.C., press conference Thursday, November 19, in which he ran defense for the Trump campaign’s legal challenge of the 2020 election results. While discussing such topics as voter fraud and unfair media coverage, a river of black suddenly made its way down the side of his face.

[Rudy Giuliani Sweats Through His Hair Dye During Press Conference

Twitter, predictably, erupted….most people identified the mysterious trail as hair dye off the bat, but some alarmists initially wondered if it was blood. Others, of course, simply took the time to guffaw and crack jokes at the hairdo malfunction.

One commenter even went so far as to connect Giuliani’s unfortunate meltdown show to another famous Trump-related hair moment this fall: Namely, the infamous fly that landed in Vice President Mike Pence‘s hair during the VP debate against Kamala Harris.

Giuliani, who was apparently unaware of the situation, didn’t let a little sweat get in his way of firing away at the press members asking him questions He presented that there was a centralized plan to carry out voter fraud around the country, termed Trump’s loss to Joe Biden as the end product of “massive fraud” and discussed specifics of contested state results such as Pennsylvania.

In terms of that particular state, the former New York City mayor took a potshot at Philadelphia sports fans while citing alleged illegal voting activities in that city.


“If you lived in Philadelphia…unless you’re stupid, you knew that a lot of people come over from Camden [N.J.] to vote. They do every year. Happens all the time in Philly. It’s about as frequent as getting beaten up at a Philadelphia Eagles football game,” he quipped. “Happens all the time. All the time. And it’s allowed to happen because it’s a Democrat, corrupt city and has been for years.”

He offered no concrete evidence for this alleged fraud — but at that point, all attention was diverted to the melting dye in what could be called a very hairy situation!

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