Welcome to day one of the Final Kountdown, our coverage of the last days of the royal and semi-royal pregnancies of Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian. You know, for all the excitement and intense coverage, we still have no idea of when these babies are actually coming. Speculation time!

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Let's start today with Kim. Here are some clues.

Proud pop Kanye West famously proclaimed her pregnancy on the night of December 30, 2012. Since he willingly did it so publicly, she was clearly "ready" to announce the news, so let's say she was at the three-month mark. If she were due precisely six months later, it would be on June 30. 

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On March 1, Kim complained in one of her blogs that she felt awkward because she was geting larger but her belly hadn't really popped yet (around the time of the pic above). Belly size can really vary, of course, but many women say they pop around 20 weeks, or five months. If Kim was five months at March 1, that would once again suggest a due date in the last week of June.

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Kanye mysteriously tweeted nothing but "June 18" a few weeks ago. It could be his child's due date, but it's also the confirmed date for the release of his new album Yeezus. June will probably be a big month for 'Ye regardless.

Kim's baby shower invite was leaked, and while the major details are obscured, you have to RSVP by May 28. If it's, let's say, two weeks following the RSVP date, her shower should be maybe Saturday, June 15. That's cutting it pretty close for pacifiers and toys, so she may be due a bit later, like the first week of July.


What does your gut say? Do you think it'll be around the same time as Kate Middleton? How do you think we'll find out? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @OKMagazine.

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