All of Dina Lohan‘s praise and support for her daughters Lindsay and Ali‘s “talents” has worked. At today’s launch event for Victoria’s Secret new scent “Velvet,” LiLo said that all three of the Lohan ladies have plans to pursue their gifts — Shoes for Dina, singing for Ali and designing, acting and singing for her!

Talking about Ali’s attempt at a music career, Lindsay said, “I don’t really give her any advice. When we’re together she’s my sister. We don’t really talk about it. It’s just a lot of work and she knows that from watching me.”

Watching her do what? We don’t know either…

“And she really just wants to sing,” continues Lindz, who then pulls some creative grammar with, “She’s very discerned about that. That’s all she wants to do.”

As for her mom’s new shoe line, Shoe-Han, Lindsay says it took her by surprise.

“She was just talking to me about that,” she admits. “I had no idea! I just found out like yesterday.”

Really? Because we’ve all known since last week.

“She’s excited. And she has great taste in shoes. Since I’ve been a little girl I’ve always known my mom to be in heels. Never in flats. So I would buy her flats and she would never wear them. They’ll all be heels.”

Of course, while Lindsay supports her mom and sister, she’s got several goals of her own to achieve. First and foremost: Fashion.

“I’m going back to Paris,” says LiLo, who notoriously crashed and burned with her first line with Ungaro at the most recent Paris Fashion Week. “The next collection that they have is already in January. I was thinking about March — thinking that I have until March — and they’re like, oh no-no-no it’s January in New York. I was like, (gasp) okay… I’ll be back!”

Lindsay also is in the works on acting again and starting her music career back up. “I want to play [silent film star] Clara Bow. I’ve been working for a while now, getting the rights to her life story. I have someone writing it.”

She would also love to be on True Blood saying, “I’m obsessed with True Blood.”

Each Lohan has their own goal they’re working on and Michael Lohan‘s is most likely trying to be Jon Gosselin‘s BFF.

“I don’t really care what my dad does,” Lindsay said.

Probably for the best!

Reporting by Laura Lane

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