Are you on the hunt for new music? Give singer Andrew Ripp a chance. His gentle rock tunes have beautiful lyrics, and his latest album Won’t Let Go debuted at #3 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts. Get to know him now!


OK!: How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

Andrew Ripp: I usually just say its obviously pop music but it is soulful and it’s very melodic driven, hopefully singable songs. It’s in the singer-songwriter category, but singer-song writer category doesn’t really explain the type of music. Soulful pop rock singer-songwriter, I guess.

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OK!: What is the story behind this most recent album?

AR: It’s not very specific, as ‘Hey, this is a record about my grandfather.’ It’s not like that. With this record, it was over a two-year period where I was writing, and I went through a lot. It has a lot to do with letting go. It has a lot to do with just hope and love.

OK!: As a songwriter, what inspires you and your process?

AR: As a songwriter, it is your job to notice things that people don’t notice, being more aware and being as present as you could possibly be. I think that is where great songs come from. Somebody will just say something in passing in conversation, or you overhear someone say something in line at Starbucks, and that is where great songs come from. I will just send myself emails when I notice something so I can go back to it later.

OK!: What are you working on now?

AR: I am writing a new record. I am in this very inspired place, so I’m in Nashville, home, for the next three weeks in writing mode. We are releasing a single “Falling For the Beat,” off the last record, so we are in the middle of that. We are going to tour February/March of next year—my first headlining tour, which I’m really excited about. The second I’m done with that, I’ll get into the studio and record the next album.

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OK!: Where are you from, and how did you get started?

AR: I am originally from Chicago. As soon as high school was over, I moved to California, spent six years in L.A. [I] started as a writer out there, got some songs picked up by random artists. I wrote a bunch of these songs that weren’t getting cut and I was like ‘Hey, I think maybe I should make a record because if I don’t nobody is going to hear these songs.’ That was my first record. Then I moved to Nashville about four years ago, and I just fell in love with this place. It’s awesome, a great community of artists that really have each others’ backs.


OK!: Whose career would you love to have one day?

AR: I love Jon Foreman’s career. He has also got a band called Switchfoot, and he puts out his own stuff. He is the lead singer, so he’ll put out little acoustic EPs that he does on the side. He is a really active dude that is available for fans. He talks about struggles and he is not afraid to just be a human being.

OK!: Where would you like to be in five years?

AR: I’m hoping that I am still making records. The thing about music is you never know. Inspiration is not something you can make up, it’s got to come. So I’m hoping that I’m still inspired, and still have something to say, [that] the well isn’t dry but it is being filled up even more.

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