From an exclusive interview with The Internship's Josh Gad to the edit team sharing our very own internship experiences with you, this week has been Internship central here on OK! Movie Mania. And today, we're kicking off your weekend with our official OK! or OMG?! movie review of the film, where we tell you a few things about the movie that you probably didn't get from just watching the trailers. Here we go, ladies and gents!

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Firstly, we need to disuss the pop culture references in this film because there are a million. From Owen and Vince's characters singing Alanis Morrissette's "Ironic" in the very first scene to mentions of X-Men, Gossip Girl, Harry Potter and Flashdance throughout, you're probably more likely to get 82 percent of the film's jokes if you're acquainted with any or all of those things. Just a heads up.

Obviously you know that Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are the main guys in this film, both of whom play characters who got laid off from their boring sales jobs and landed summer internships at Google. But we need to reiterate the fact that there are a few other celebrities in the film who you most likely care about, including Jessica Szohr from Gossip Girl, Dylan O'Brien from Teen Wolf and BJ Novak from The Office

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And while we're talking about Google, one of the main things that you will learn after you leave the theater is that Google is the greatest place on Earth to work ever. From the nap pods in the office to the free food everywhere (everywhere! Not kidding!), you might as well just sob in the corner right now when you realize that oyur workplace is not even remotely as cool as Google's is. Also, you will leave curious as to how much Google got paid for all that product placement. The movie is basically a live-action Billboard.

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One thing we also must point out, which is probably the only issue that we have with the film, is that it was kiiiinda sexist. One editor on the OK! team made a terrific point, which is that there are only three females in the entire film. One is an overworked Google employee who works too hard to date (Rose Byrne), one is a stripper who teaches dance classes at Google on the side (Jessica Szohr) and the third is a gorgeous young intern who's too smart or busy to worry about having a boyfriend (played by the gorgeous Tiya Sircar. Look her up). We'll let you see the film and infer from the ladies what you will.

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And lastly, the jokes! There are definitely some great one-liners and you will for sure LOL many times, but unlike Wedding Crashers and other classic comedies that Vince and/or Owen have starred in, there's no super quotable lines that you'll remember years from now. Well, except for that one, "The CW just called. You're cancelled." A surprise celebrity guest says that and it's basically amazing.

OK! or OMG?!: Honestly, this film is getting mixed reviews, but we'll give it an OMG. It's definitely enjoyable. Minus the sexist thing though. We're all ladies here at Gotta love the ladies.

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