Being a reporter on a red carpet is hard work. You gotta push your way in and make yourself heard, which is the hard part, but the fun part? Talking to celebs, duh! I got to hit up the red carpet at last week's FX Upfront, where stars from pretty much every show on the network were on hand. And they told me everything from their weirdest fan encounters and who they consider to be "legit" celebrities to their real thoughts on reality TV. Yup. I went there.

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So keep scrolling to see what the guys fromThe League told me about Real Housewives, what the guys from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia said about having kids, the Sons of Anarchy cast's do's and don'ts for wearing leather, and more! Oh, and check out this Instagram pic I snapped of Diane Kruger on the red carpet, who was there to promote her upcoming show, The Bridge. So. Pretty.

OK!: I want to ask you about the name of the show, Legit. Are you into abbreviations in general?
DJ Qualls: Um, god, that’s an interesting question. No, not really. I majored in English. I do contractions but I really don’t abbreviate stuff.  I hate YOLO and uh, froyo. Any of those words…

OK!: And FML…
I don’t even know what that is. I’ve never heard that before in my life. I don’t say any of that stuff. 

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OK!: What do you think makes a Hollywood actor legit and who do you think is the most legit actor right now?
DQ: That’s an interesting question. Sandra Bullock. The first movie I ever did with her, it was the one that she won the Razzie for the same year that she won the Oscar—All About Steve— I had a dog with a disability, Her basecamps are like a small city, like where the trailers are. Mine was like, really far away and my dog had a disease so he couldn't walk. So the next day I show up and she bought me a bicycle with a basket on it for me and my dog to get to makeup. That’s a class act and I will always love her for that. And every time I see her, she hugs me. That’s a legit celebrity.

OK!: That's so sweet! Have you ever auditioned for a role that you didn’t get that you really wanted?
DQ: Uh, yeah, it was down between me and Jim Parsons for Big Bang. I was in the room when he read and I was like…first of all, that’s how he talks in real life. And after he read I was like, "Oh, this is not my part." And I went to Chuck Lorre (the creator) and I was like, "I'm not gonna get this" and he's like, "I know but we needed somebody else to read". So I read, but I was just nowhere near as good as he was.

 Sons of Anarchy:
OK!: I gotta talk to you about this leather getup that you wear on the show…
Theo Rossi: I know. I just wear leather. 

OK!: What are your leather do’s and don’t’s…
: Leather do’s and don’ts? Don’t wear red leather pants if you’re a dude. But a black leather jacket on a girl? Yes, definitely.
Katey Segal: Wear high heels. My character wears a lot of really tight clothes and just looks so much better with a three and four inch heel on. She's just not a prissy gal so ya know, lots of cleavage, tight jeans, knee boots. And great leather jackets.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:
OK!: Tell me about all the shenanigans you guys get into in the upcoming season.
Glenn Howerto
n: Actually, were gonna get really boring this year. It's gonna be super dull. We're gonna slow things down a bit. It's gonna be pretty heavy stuff this year. We're going to break down the psychosis of the American male. No, it's gonna be a lot of pushing kitchen chairs, ya know what I mean? Sort of irritated characters, families, deep-rooted stuff.
Rob McElhenney: The episodes are only gonna be 22 minutes long but they’re gonna feel like they’re an hour and a half.
GH: That’s exactly right. That’s definitely what FX wants to promote. Still, it used to be a situational comedy, now it's just a situation.

OK!: Does having kids now effect the comedy you write at all?
RM: I don’t feel like its effected my writing at all. It's made me a bit more tired.
GH: I can say that as a television and film viewer it has definitely effected me. Every time there's a father and son thing on TV I'm on the verge of tears. I mean, I'm talking about like, down to like, commercials. There's that one commercial where the kids are washing the inside of the car and then the dad comes out and you think he's gonna be mad but he just joins them? That one makes me cry. It's really cute.

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OK!: So, you guys are 8 seasons into the show, right? How do you keep it fresh?
RM: It’s very, very stale. But we embrace it.
GH: When you’ve got a product as delicious as ours, you’ll still eat it.
RM: We inject it with a ton of preservatives so it appears to be fresh, but it's not. It's just loaded with chemicals and a lot of sugar.

The League:
OK!: Your characters try to win at the fantasy football league. What do you try to win at in real life?
Stephen Rannazzisi
: Sex. Sexual intercourse. 
Jon LaJoie: Maybe that’s why you won't win at it. Because you're trying to win at it. Something I could be better at, I dunno, a lot of things.
SR: I can think of a few things YOU need to be better at.
JE: Thank you.

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OK!: I feel like you guys always have fans coming up to you. Craziest fan encounter ever?
SR: Um, one guy, in the middle of a Nordstroms, said “Show me your d***.”Can I say that? "Show me your pretty d***."

OK!: What was your answer?
SR: Not in Nordstroms! I was with my four-year-old and it was pretty embarrassing. We make jokes on the show that people can kinda say, phrases, so they yell those things out at us in public.
JE: Well, when I saw you in the Nordstroms, I was just like, "Hey, man. I hadn't seen it in a while."

OK!: Do you guys watch any reality TV?
JE: I started to watch Gigalos with my girlfriend but then we sorta realized that it was porn so we stopped.
SR: I watch Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that's the only one I watch.

OK!: Wait, really?
SR: Oh, every episode. Caroline Manzo, I want her to be my mom.

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