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Amber 'Wants To Marry Her Brother!' Portwood's Ex Matt Makes Disturbing Claims After She Refuses To Elope

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier dealt with many ups and downs within the last few years, as seen on Teen Mom OG. But this clip might air the worst fight between the two yet!

In a sneak peek for the next week’s episode on MTV, Amber and Matt jet off to Las Vegas to see their two good friends get married. As seen in the clip, Amber called her brother, Shawn, to ask his opinion on her eloping in Vegas without any of their family members present. He told her, “Well ya know, it’s kinda not cool.”

Matt became extremely angry over their change of plans, despite him claiming that “it’s perfectly fine.” After Matt told Amber that what her brother did is “wrong,” she fired back at him telling him not to talk about Shawn like that on television.

“I’m not marrying her now, ever,” Matt fired at the producers while Amber walked around the chapel. He added, “She wants to marry her brother! That’s who she wants to marry!”

Last week, Amber revealed on a podcast that her and Matt went their separate ways.

Do you think Amber should leave Matt for good? What did you think of Matt’s claims? Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights at 9pm ET, only on MTV!

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