OK! Exclusive Sneak Peek: Who Gets Caught Smoking Pot On Stewarts & Hamiltons?

Ashley Hamilton revealed last week on Stewarts & Hamiltons that he’s been out of the dating game for years, but finally fell for his new girlfriend, Ali.

And while last week he gushed over how sweet and smart she is despite being only 25 years old, could she be too good to be true?

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In the exclusive sneak peek above, Ashley is busy at the studio and walks outside to find Ali smoking pot, which totally crushes him.

The reformed bad boy has admitted in the past that he “went through a hard time with drugs and alcohol,” so it’s understandable this could be a major deal breaker.

“I love Ali, but when there’s something like that around that I used to do a lot, it scares me,” he said.

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So, what is he planning to do?

Tune into episode three of Stewarts & Hamiltons, which airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on E!, to find out!

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