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Celebrity: Big Ang

Does Big Ang Have the Secret to the Perfect Summer Cocktail?
Big Ang is a wise, wise woman, so suffice it to say the Drunken Monkey owner knows how to mix up the perfect summer cocktail. Refreshing for the season’s warm nights (or hot days if you’re into that kind of thing), here’s the scoop on how to whip up Big Ang’s Peachy Spritzer. Big Ang’s Read More
Mob Wives: New Blood—Watch The Ladies React to Alicia DiMichele's Dramatic Sentencing ...
All the legal issues we’ve seen Alica DiMichele go through this season culminate on this week’s Mob Wives: New Blood season finale—and it’s not looking so good. In this exclusive clip from the final episode of season 4, Alicia comes out of court after her trial, while Drita, Big Ang and the other ladies meanwhile Read More
Big Ang, Mob Wives
Mob Wives Star Big Ang Gives Us a Peek Inside Her Purse!
What items might you expect to find in a purse belonging to a Mob Wives: New Blood star? Well, at this point we have a pretty good idea as Renee and Natalie showed us theirs and Drita and Alicia did the same. So that means it’s Big Ang‘s turn! OK! News: See what Ramona Singer Read More
OK! First Look: Big Ang And Neil Discuss Having a Baby Via Surrogate on This Week's Mo...
We often hear about celebrities having babies—but not very often are those celebrities 53 years old, like Big Ang is! But don’t worry. Because yes, Big Ang and her husband Neil do have the baby talk on this week’s all new episode of Mob Wives: New Blood, but they discuss the surrogacy route since Ang Read More
OK! First Look: Watch Ang and Drita Find Out That Alicia Lied To Her Probation Judge o...
You know how sometimes it’s awkward when your friends catch you in a lie? Mob Wives: They’re just like us, except with them, they get caught in a lie when their friends read the newspaper… OK! Exclusive: Alicia and Drita Show Us What’s In Their Purses In this clip from Thursday’s episode, Ang and Drita Read More
Mob Wives and Celebrity FriendsMob Wives and Celebrity Friends
Could These Celebs Hang With The Mob Wives? The Ladies Reveal if Taylor, Miley, Rihann...
We all want to hang out with the ladies of VH1’s Mob Wives, right? You are guaranteed a fun time and a loyal pal in each of those ladies. But what does it take to actually be able to fit in with them? And what celebs would make the cut? We asked Drita, Big Ang, Read More
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What Would The Mob Wives Do? The Ladies Tell You How to Handle a Dirty Look, Where The...
The next time you’re in a sticky situation just take a deep breath and think, “What would the Mob Wives do right now?” It’s a very important question to ask yourself! And luckily, we have the answers for you right here. Watch: Get a sneak peek at tonight’s brand new episode of Mob Wives: New Blood  Read More
OK! First Look: Big Ang and Drita Worry About Renee's Drinking Binge on This Week's Mo...
On this week’s Mob Wives: New Blood, the ladies take a trip to Las Vegas to escape all their issues back home. Sounds innocent enough, right? But Sin City might not have been the best idea, because in this clip, Big Ang and Drita talk about Renee’s drinking binge and now they’re concerned for her Read More
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Which One Of The Mob Wives Admitted She's "Not Tough At All"? Hint: It's a Surprising ...
Most people probably consider the ladies of Mob Wives: New Blood to be “badasses” and not so much “softies”. But it turns out, the ladies identify with the second term even more than we realized. Photos: See the hottest celeb bods of 2013 When we caught up with Renee Graziano, Big Ang, Drita D’Avanzo, Alicia Read More
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Find Out The Incredible Gifts Big Ang Bought For Her Granddaughters on The Way! Plus: ...
Could you imagine Big Ang being your grandma? That would have to be nothing but fun! When the Mob Wives star stopped by the OK! offices she happily gushed about her two granddaughters on the way. OK! News: See what Drita had to say about the last Mob Wives episode! March is going to be Read More
OK! First Look: Newbie Alicia Complains To Ang and Drita About Karen On The Season Pre...
Get More: Mob Wives (Season 4) Not to steal a line from Snooki & JWoww or anything, but they’re back, bitches! Big Ang and Drita are returning with an all-new season of Mob Wives featuring all-new ladies who are clearly going to be causing some drama. In this exclusive clip from the season premiere, we Read More
OK! First Look: Big Ang And The Girls Get Tipsy While Wine Tasting on Miami Monkey
Get More: Miami Monkey Drinking as research for work? Big Ang and her employees officially have the best job ever. On this week’s episode of Miami Monkey, Ang takes Ryan, Morgan and Raquel wine tasting before her own brand of wine hits stores. Clearly the ladies are more interested in getting drunk than going through the Read More
OK! First Look: Raquel and Big Ang Get Massages During a Business Meeting on Miami Mon...
Miami Monkey Here’s a little bit of advice for all bosses out there in the world—do not hold a team meeting at a spa. Bad idea. On this week’s Miami Monkey, Raquel and Big Ang have a heart-to-heart about the bar’s Marissa/Ryan drama while getting massages, but Big Ang cannot pay attention whatsoever because hello, Read More
OK! First Look: Big Ang and Morgan Meet a Drag Queen in 'Gay Heaven' on This Week's Mi...
Get More: Miami Monkey When in Miami…hang out with drag queens? Is that how the phrase goes? Either way, that’s what Big Ang and Morgan will be doing on this week’s episode of Miami Monkey. In preparation for “Big Ang’s Gay Soiree”, they meet up with a guy and his drag queen alter ego, Elaine, Read More
OK! First Look: Big Ang Gets a Pet Monkey (?) For Her Birthday on This Week's Miami Mo...
Get More: Miami Monkey When someone runs a bar called Miami Monkey, it only make sense to give that person an actual monkey as a birthday gift, right? And much like with Ross and Marcel on Friends, the most famous TV human/monkey pair ever, Big Ang recieves a new pet as a gift but isn’t Read More
OK! First Look: Ang Calls Morgan a Con Artist on This Week's Miami Monkey
Get More: Miami Monkey, Miami Monkey Ever have your boss have a talk with you and tell you that you’re a con artist? Morgan did. In this week’s ep of Miami Monkey, Ang sits down with Morgan after she failed to show up to her pool party and basically asks her why she’s not really Read More
OK! First Look: Watch Morgan and Ang's Photoshoot-Gone-Wrong on This Week's Miami Monk...
Get More: Miami Monkey, Miami Monkey Morgan gets some very special treatment from Ang on this week’s episode of Miami Monkey. Her very own photo shoot, guys! But yeah, the spotlight is taken off of Morgan and is put onto Ang when Ang has a little bit of a mishap mid photo-shoot. Watch the EXCLUSIVE Read More
OK! First Look: Ryan And Nate Flirt (A Lot) On This Week's Miami Monkey
Get More: Miami Monkey Many people think it’s not the best idea to hook up with someone you work with, but somehow we have a feeling that’s not going to stop Ryan and Nate. The bartender buds from Miami Monkey have a moment on this week’s episode where Ryan basically tells Nate he needs to Read More
OK! First Look: Watch an Exclusive Preview of Big Ang's New Show, Miami Monkey
Get More: Miami Monkey, Miami Monkey This weekend is the premiere of Big Ang’s much-anticipated spin-off, Miami Monkey, where she travels to Miami and opens up a bar named, you guessed it, Miami Monkey. And when pretty much all the bartenders are ladies, you know there’s gonna be some catfights. And that’s why this reality Read More
Mob Wives Drama Queen Turns Big Hearted Softie! Renee Graziano Makes Young Disabled Gi...
Renee Graziano may come across as hard as nails but deep down she’s a big old softie! The self proclaimed “foul-mouthed drama queen” was anything but on Wednesday night, taking time out of her hectic schedule—and cash out of her own pocket— to help make a young super-fan’s dream come true—and has all the Read More