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Celebrity: Brett Ratner

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Brian Grazer to Produce the Oscars
First came news that Brett Ratner was out, next came the headline that Eddie Murphy withdrew as Oscars host. So, it's no surprise in the quick turn of events that a new producer is in! Brian Grazer will take the …
Billy Crystal Replacing Eddie Murphy as 2012 Oscars Host!
Now that Eddie Murphy has pulled out of hosting the Oscars, leaving the coveted gig vacant, it's up to a true veteran to seize the opportunity and return to the stage. Enter Billy Crystal! The comedian has hosted Hollywood's …
Getty Images
Brett Ratner Resigns as Oscar Show Producer
Brett Ratner put his foot in his mouth in a politically incorrect move which cost him the Oscar gig! Brett was tapped to produce the Academy Awards but came under fire when he used a gay slur during a Tower …
Theo Wargo/Getty Images
Eddie Murphy Pulls Out of Oscars Hosting Gig
Many have speculated this would happen, and Eddie Murphy just made it official. The actor announced today that he would be withdrawing from his role as host of The 84th Annual Academy Awards, in the wake of losing his …