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Celebrity: Patton Oswalt

Get Ready Hollywood—Patton Oswalt is Handing Out Live Birds at the Independent Spirit ...
There are a number of people in Hollywood I’d like to flip the bird (namely when I’m sitting in horrendous LA traffic), but Independent Spirit Awards host Patton Oswalt won’t be making obscene gestures at this year’s show, which airs on Saturday, March 1, on IFC, instead he plans on handing out actual live birds Read More
Angelina Jolie and 4 Other Celebs Who Wrote Moving Essays about Their Personal Lives
All anyone can discuss this morning is Angelina Jolie's shocking and extremely moving essay in the New York Times, "My Medical Choice." She revealed her decision to undergo a preventive double mastectomy after her mother's death from breast cancer. She explained that with an 87% risk of developing breast cancer herself, she wanted to be Read More
'Young Adult' Director Says Charlize Theron Is "So Brave" In Role
Charlize Theron may have not been nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild award, but the actress got a lot of praise from Young Adult director Jason Reitman. Jason told OK! at the Young Adult premiere in NYC how "fearless" Charlize was in this role. "She’s smart, funny and she’s fearless. She’s just so brave," he said. Read More